7 Reasons You Should Consider a GPS Monitoring Device Program

GPS monitoring device

Soon after Christian Tyler was arrested for beating his girlfriend, he was released on bail. His girlfriend was released from the hospital just hours earlier and she moved in with her mother in a state of fear. By the end of the night, unfortunately, she would be dead. 

While the above example is hypothetical, this could easily be a real-world case. GPS monitoring device programs can prevent many crimes from taking place in the first place and provide long-term improvements to the criminal justice system. With some having on-board communication capabilities, agencies can even talk to the wearer without a phone call.

Not only do they pay for themselves, but GPS monitoring programs have many other helpful uses. These benefit victims of crime, families in the community, and society as a whole.

Learn how these devices prevent crime and help promote the treatment of offenders with underlying causes of criminal behavior. Read on… 

1. Save Money

Incarceration may cost as much as six times that of a GPS ankle bracelet. As county budgets shrink, it’s easy to see why it becomes an attractive option.

In addition to the direct savings, related to the cost of meeting the prisoner’s needs, consider the indirect savings as we progress down the list. Given the high costs associated with the prison system, it’s a great alternative for non-violent offenders.

Probation centers can also save resources by setting up automatic check-in kiosks, so staff can be re-assigned where they are needed most. 

2. Reduction in Recidivism

One of the GPS ankle bracelet side effects is a reduction in reoffending. Most new offenders wearing such a device are deterred from future criminal activity, simply from knowing that their movements can be tracked. 

Monitoring also reduces the likelihood that re-offenders might abscond from probation or parole. 

3. Keep Communities Safe

When utilized with sex offenders, the GPS monitoring ankle bracelet can alert the system when certain exclusion zones are breached. An example of such use could be schools.

Some law enforcement agencies might choose permanent monitoring as a condition of release. This move could safeguard communities from sexual predators.

The technology also has the potential to disrupt gangs, as known members can be tracked by similar exclusion zones. Previously unknown social networks may be discovered, leading to safer communities over time.

4. Protect Victims

GPS is a common requirement for supervised bail, due to its accuracy and simplicity. Units are often accurate to 6.5ft, capable of using cellular triangulation, and built with anti-jamming technology. As the back-end technology becomes more advanced, it’s potential to prevent crime will be even greater.

The system can ensure that victims of threats and past harm are not re-targeted upon release. These exclusion zones will ensure that law enforcement is alerted when the GPS ankle monitoring device gets too close. In addition to this, former victims who face a higher risk can opt to wear a monitoring device too, so that they benefit from a mobile exclusion zone.

This will provide immense peace of mind to innocent members of the community. In the case of abusive relationships, such monitoring could prove life-saving. Even when surprised by an unexpected visit and unable to call the police, authorities are still notified.

5. Cut Jail Overpopulation

In addition to augmenting a supervised bail program, when used for probation, GPS ankle bracelets can reduce prison populations. Overcrowding is a serious problem around the world, with many at more than double-capacity. Supervised early releases might be an effective long-term strategy.

Stressed prison staff will have a reduced burden and will be able to function more efficiently on a day-to-day basis.

6. Predictive Policing

Increasing numbers of police departments are putting predictive policing systems in place. GPS monitoring devices are bound to be an effective tool in the process.

Systems might analyze the movements of an offender over a 24hr period. Algorithms triggered by suspicious activity could then alert authorities.

Patterns are identifiable, such as a criminal repeatedly traveling the path of a future crime. “Crime-scene correlation” can match a crime scene to known offenders that were in the area at the time.

7. Care in the Community

Studies differ on the exact number of inmates with mental illness. Numbers range from one-quarter to half, or two thirds, so the average number is likely to be significantly high. The true number is probably higher still since some undiagnosed persons will have fallen through the cracks in the system.

Mental health care, drug addiction therapy, and anger management counseling are three examples of community services that are difficult to deliver effectively inside the prison system. Effective balancing and administering of medications are hard to achieve in an environment with few medical specialists.

The mental illness schizophrenia is also prevalent in prison populations. The noisy and threatening environment of prisons and jails are negative environments that trigger serious symptoms in sufferers. 

With a GPS monitoring device, offenders with mental illness face better outcomes. Underlying causes of criminal activity are treatable within the community.

GPS Monitoring Device Program

We’ve shown you 7 reasons why a GPS monitoring device is worth consideration. It’s cheaper than incarceration, reduces recidivism, and can keep communities safe.

These programs can protect victims, whilst cutting jail populations and helping with predictive policing systems. They also allow treatment access to those who are struggling with mental illnesses while incarcerated. 

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