Avoid a Violation: Tips for GPS Ankle Monitor Use

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Tips for GPS Ankle Monitor Use

Did you know that the United States has one of the highest incarcerated rates? There are approximately 2 million people in the United States jails and prisons, and this number continues to rise. 

With so many people incarcerated prisons, are becoming even more overcrowded. The justice system needs to find new ways to monitor defendants but keep them out of jail if possible. 

Home probation has become more popular as the prison system has taken in more criminals. So how do we prevent criminals from running off while on home probation or prevent them from committing other crimes? The answer: GPS ankle monitor. 

If the defendant is offered home probation, they must be responsible with their GPS ankle monitor and ensure that they know how it works and keeps it charged and working appropriately; otherwise, they can face the consequences. 

Keep reading on to learn more about how a reliable GPS ankle monitor can help avoid violations.

Probation Tracking

According to Pew Charitable Trusts, there were over 125,000 people issued ankle tether devices. Ankle tethers are tracking devices that go around the defendant’s ankle 24/7 to monitor their location. These devices must be worn properly and function correctly at all times. 

If the defendant tampers with the device or if something happens, such as the battery dies, the defendant may face legal consequences. 

Consequences for Violations

While many defendants will jump at the opportunity to avoid jail time and spend their sentence on home probation, violations still occur. Being on home probation is not necessarily easy. There are many restrictions and rules that the defendant must follow while on home probation. 

If the defendant fails to comply with the terms that the court ordered they can face heavy consequences. The excuse “well, the device is broke” may not be enough to keep the defendant out of trouble. 

The probation officer can determine what penalties the defendant may receive. The probation officer can decide if they think the defendant should be let off on a warning or have them attend a court hearing.

If the defendant is required to go to a court hearing, the judge then makes the final decision on the defendant’s consequences. The judge has the option to order the rest of the time to be served in jail or prison or can order fines. 

Other potential penalties for violating home probation may include changes to curfews or stricter rules on leaving the home in general.  

Importance of a Reliable GPS Ankle Monitor

To avoid these consequences it is crucial to have a reliable GPS ankle monitor since this can be the difference between serving home probation or go to jail. 

Not all ankle tethers are made equally, and there are some qualities to look for when looking into ankle trackers. Qualities for reliable GPS ankle monitors include:

  • Warning signals 
  • GPS tracking
  • Strong Battery
  • Easy Communication

Knowing that if the ankle monitor malfunctions, it can lead to jail time, you know you must research to find a reliable GPS ankle monitor. 

Monitor Warnings

If an ankle monitor is beeping or vibrating, it is essential to figure out why right away, and it may be a good idea to contact the probation officer right away to let them know. 

Some of the most common reasons why the GPS ankle monitor may be alarming include:

  • The defendant is outside of the set perimeter 
  • Poor signal
  • The probation officer is trying to get contact 
  • Low battery 

By contacting the probation officer right away may help to keep you out of trouble from violating home probation terms. The probation officer may be able to troubleshoot some problems with the device or be more understanding and more likely to give a warning if you are upfront and honest right away. Otherwise, it may look like you are trying to hide something. 

GPS Tracking

GPS ankle monitors are becoming more commonly used and are more preferred over Wifi ankle monitors. GPS ankle trackers are more reliable than Wifi ankle monitors. 

GPS ankle monitors, such as Kapa Technologies, provide precise GPS monitoring. Kapa Technologies GPS monitors can give an accurate location within a 6.5 feet distance.

In addition, to giving such a precise location, their GPS ankle monitors have backup location tracking software using cellular triangulation if something were to happen to the GPS tracking system. This helps ensure that the defendant does not have to worry about getting a violation for being off the perimeter if they are not and helps avoid poor signal problems. 

Best Battery

Strong battery life and signal are crucial in GPS monitoring for home probation. You do not want to be hooked up to a charger all day or be worrying about the battery dying while you are asleep.

KAPA Technology ankle monitors offer 55 hours of battery life when the device is fully charged. Therefore, there will not be a need for a sleepless night checking the battery status of the ankle monitor with KAPA technologies devices. 

Key for Communication

GPS ankle monitors are used for more than just tracking the defendant’s location. They are also a way for the defendant and probation officer to communicate quickly. Neither the defendant nor the probation officer will need to search for the other phone number in order to contact them since the GPS ankle monitor can do it for them. 

If the defendant wants to stay on home probation, answering calls from the probation officer right away is a must.  

Kapa Technologies devices work offer reliable three-way communication. This allows easy communication, which helps the probation officer communicate easily and check in on the defendant, especially if there may be something suspicious. 

Kapa Technologies Innovated GPS Monitoring

Kapa Technologies GPS ankle monitors help the defendant stay on home probation and give them comfort knowing that they have a reliable GPS ankle monitor that will not fail on them, causing a violation. Kapa Technologies GPS ankle monitors help probation officers keep a close eye on the defendant and allow for quick and reliable communication. 

Contact Kapa Technologies today to get more information on their GPS ankle monitors and get a reliable ankle monitor to avoid any violations.

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