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Kapa Technologies, LLC is a distributor of GPS ankle monitors. We’ve worked with various courthouses, corrections facilities, parole officers, and bond agents. They choose us because of our inventory of high-performance devices that streamline their tracking and monitoring processes.

What We Offer

At Kapa Technologies, LLC, we provide advanced GPS ankle trackers to clients in the U.S. Here are the benefits of being one of our partners.

Top-Notch Tracking Devices

Our flagship product, the ReliAlert™XC3, provides pinpoint location accuracy, three-way voice communication, cut-proof hardened steel, fiber optics design, and more. We source this device and other products in our inventory from a U.S. based company, who is a leading tracking and monitoring product manufacturer.

Fast Delivery

We’ve fostered a great relationship with our manufacturer. You can count on us to process your order immediately and deliver it to your doorstep the next business day.

You Don’t Have to Pay for Shipping

You only have to pay for the products you get. Shipping’s on us!

Track Group

Track Group designs and manufactures monitoring and tracking solutions. The company leverages the power of big data to provide customers with vast insights from the monitoring information they gather.

Apart from the ReliAlert™XC3, it also provides the Home Curfew Monitoring RF beacon, an RF/GPS hybrid device known as SHADOW™, and a variety of monitoring and supervision applications on mobile phones. For all things tracking, Kapa Technologies is the way to go.

Be Our Partner

Kapa Technologies, LLC provides professional GPS monitoring and tracking equipment to clients across the United States. If your bail bond agency, court, or correctional facility needs a steady supply of GPS ankle monitoring systems, be our partner. We have a vast inventory and logistics capabilities to fulfill your orders.

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