GPS Guide: What Is a GPS Monitoring Device?

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You are driving to meet up with a friend, and the route you usually take is closed due to road construction. What do you do? Like many people, you will probably not be digging through your glove compartment looking for a road map.

Instead, you will simply pull out your smartphone to get real-time step-by-step directions on how to navigate to get to your location.

Have you stopped and wondered how a GPS monitoring device works? And what else uses GPS monitoring? Keep reading on to learn more about GPS monitoring and how far GPS technology has come.

History of GPS Monitoring

Did you know that GPS, or Global Positioning System, was created initially in the 1960s? In the 1960s, GPS monitoring was used to assist the military. Then in 1983, GPS technology started to be used for public use.

Since then, the technology has only grown from there, and it’s used in many different ways today. 

Today GPS is used in a variety of ways across many different industries. The primary purpose of GPS monitoring today is to track the movements of people, vehicles, and other assets.

We have features to help provide additional safety measures for individuals and their families with today’s GPS technology. There are special features such as real-time tracking, route history, geofence zones, and event alerts to ensure safety.

GPS monitoring today cannot only give a real-time location and track an individual. With some devices, you can send notifications and even communicate. 

Elements of GPS 

Three elements work together to allow GPS monitoring to work. These three elements are:

  • Satellites
  • Ground control
  • User equipment

Even if just one of these elements is missing, then the system cannot function. Therefore, an accurate location would not be able to be determined.


GPS systems use a network of 24 satellites that orbit space. These satellites then send signals to “communicate” or track the devices on the ground.

GPS works in almost all weather conditions and almost all the time.

Ground Control 

To function, GPS requires a ground base station on Earth to communicate between the satellites in space and the device that is being tracked.

The ground control is made up of Earth-based monitoring stations, master control stations, and ground antennas. At these ground control sites, they can track and operate the satellites as well as monitor transmissions. 

Almost every continent has a ground control site for GPS monitoring. They can be found in North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia. 

User Equipment

The user equipment is the piece that many Americans use every day, whether as an app for a game on a cell phone, navigation in a car, or used by law enforcement agencies and the justice system. 

Smartphones, watches, ankle monitors, and more contain GPS receivers and transmitters. 

How Are GPS Monitoring Devices Used?

GPS is a tool that helps a variety of different businesses and organizations run. GPS also helps make our daily lives run smoother.

Daily, jobs such as surveyors, first responders, and pilots use GPS monitoring for work.

Emergency Responders rely on GPS monitoring to get to the location they need when responding to an emergency or natural disaster. GPS monitoring also helps keep track of other responding emergency personal so everyone can work together as a team. 

GPS monitoring is used for many entertainment purposes today. For example, apps such as Pokémon Go allow for real-time GPS tracking. 

Not only does GPS have a use for our entertainment, but it is also helping people stay active and fit. 

There are several wearable fitness monitors such as smartwatches that use GPS. Devices similar to these let people track different fitness workouts such as distance running. 

GPS monitoring is useful for our justice system as well. For example, it allows for tracking people while on probation or parole. Additionally, it can help bail bond services keep track of their clients as well. 

More Than Navigation

The first use for GPS when you think of it may be helping you navigate when driving. However, GPS can tell us much more than that with today’s technology.

GPS can determine a precise location. For example, some GPS monitoring systems can give you an accurate location within 6 and a half feet.

GPS monitoring allows us to track a person, animal, or object’s movements. GPS tracking is commonly used for defendants on house arrest or tracking someone’s location while on parole or probation.

With GPS monitoring, we can easily create maps of the world. Surveyors also use this feature of GPS daily at their jobs to make it easier. 

Lastly, GPS has allowed us to measure time precisely.

Kapa Technology Advanced GPS Monitoring Device

GPS technology has made many advances over the years. Today GPS technology has additional features to help ensure safety, improve reliability and accuracy, and simplify our lives. 

For example, Kapa Technology offers advanced and high-quality GPS ankle monitors. 

These devices include advanced features such as three-way communication. This allows the defendant and officer to quickly and conveniently get a hold of one another. 

Unfortunately, some GPS systems can drain the battery life of the device. After all, it is in constant communication between the satellite, ground control, and user device. 

Kapa Technology understands, especially when it comes to ankle monitoring, a reliable battery is essential. Their ankle monitors have a 55-hour battery life when fully charged. 

Additionally, they can do 500 charging cycles so that a worn-out battery won’t be a problem with their technology.

GPS Monitoring: Helping Ensure Safety 

It’s surprising to think about how GPS technology has been around for 61 years. However, today GPS monitoring device technology has made many advances that allow us to use GPS in our everyday life.

Whether working out, finding where you are going, or simply playing games on your smartphone, GPS technology plays a significant role in our lives.

Additionally, GPS technology is necessary for many jobs. Advanced GPS monitoring technology from Kapa Technology allows more people to benefit from GPS monitoring when facing legal trouble.

Accurate, reliable, and convenient GPS technology is essential, and Kapa Technology developed GPS monitoring has all of these covered. 

Contact us to learn about all the advances in our GPS ankle monitoring devices and how they may benefit you or your business today. 

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