How Do Ankle Monitors Work? (and Other Frequently Asked Questions)

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how do ankle monitors work

Have you ever wondered how electronic ankle monitors actually work? If you have never had to wear one, you might have a few questions, such as:

Why would someone need to wear an ankle monitor? What does it track? Can you exercise with an ankle monitor on? Is it listening to you? How do ankle monitors work anyway?

We’re going to answer all of these questions and more in this guide to ankle monitors. Whether you are an ankle monitor wearer yourself, know someone who is, or you are a law enforcement official in need of ankle monitor products, this is everything you need to know. 

How do Ankle Monitors Work?

Ankle monitors are used as an alternative to incarceration. They are a way to track offender’s movements and whether or not they violate their probation. 

An ankle monitor is essentially a high-tech global position system (GPS). It allows corrections departments to see the real-time movements of offenders so that can be immediately aware of any infractions. 

Every states’ legal systems function differently, but in general, a GPS ankle monitor is used for house arrests, parole, and probation. They are sometimes used to keep track of the location of illegal immigrants. 

There are different types of ankle monitors. Some are just used for the GPS, while others track alcohol or substance consumption. Some can also set a curfew that the wearer cannot violate. 

Ankle monitors can also help bar people from certain areas. For instance, if a sex offender enters a school property, the ankle monitor will sound an alarm. The alarm systems can be customized by the offender’s allowed travel radius, so if an offender is on house arrest, their ankle monitor will go off any time they leave their home.

Criminal justice systems utilize all of these functions as an in-between step that doesn’t require full incarceration. Ankle monitors allow people convicted of a crime to live a somewhat typical life within certain restrictions. 

For offenders who did go to prison and are out on parole, ankle monitors are used for making sure they don’t violate the rules of their parole agreements

Let’s take a deeper look into some of the other functions of ankle monitors.

Voice Communication

Yes, your ankle monitor can hear you. High-Performance systems are equipped with voice communication so that corrections agencies can talk to offenders and defendants at any time. 

Monitoring Alcohol and Drug Consumption

Sometimes ankle monitors are issues to people who have been convicted for driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs and other over-consumption-related crimes. This may be instead of or in addition to jail crime. 

How does it monitor alcohol consumption? It tests the offender’s perspiration every hour for the presence of alcohol or another substance. It then delivers that information to law enforcement.    

Monitoring Illegal Immigrants

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) utilizes ankle monitors as an alternative to immigrant detention. If someone is facing removal from the country, ICE tracks their whereabouts so they can remain free until their legal hearing. 

Can You Exercise with an Ankle Monitor On?

Ankle monitors are constraining in some ways. The wearer always feels its weight and it has to be charged at least once a day, which includes the wearer standing next to the outlet until it is fully charged.

However, modern ankle monitors are sleeker and not as cumbersome as older versions. Most wearers should be able to exercise with an ankle monitor on without any major problems.

However, some ankle monitors cannot be submerged in water. While this doesn’t stop the water from showering, it does stop them from swimming and taking a bath. 

Violating Ankle Monitor Restrictions

Ankle monitor restrictions are violated when the wearer goes outside their allowed perimeter or consumes alcohol or substances. However, there are also other ways to violate ankle monitor restrictions, including:

  • Tampering with an ankle monitor
  • Cutting the strap
  • Banging the device
  • Submerging it in water

When a violation occurs, law enforcement or parole officer will immediately get in contact with the wearer and give instructions. Violations often result in arrests. 

How Does the ReliAlert XC3 Ankle Monitor Work?

If you are a parole officer, bail bond agent, or corrections facility employee looking for the best ankle monitor on the market, Kapa Technologies has the high-performance product you need.

The ReliAlert ankle monitor is extremely durable. It is made with a SecureCuff hardened steel band and advanced fiber optics that make it impossible to cut through. 

It has a GPS accuracy of around six and a half feet and a 55-hour battery. The anti-jamming technology also makes it hyper resilient.

Unlike most ankle monitor systems that only offer two-way voice communication, the ReliAlert XC3 offers three-way communication so you don’t have to waste any time getting in touch with the wearer. 

If the wearer is somewhere where GPS tracking isn’t available, the device switches to cellular triangulation so you never lose track of their location. 

Long-Lasting Battery and Customization Options

Most ankle monitors need to be charged every 12 hours, which is a major hassle for the wearer. The ReliAlert has a super-charged battery that lasts for 55 hours and can withstand 500 charges.

Finally, the ReliAlert offers complete customization. You can set how often it reports to you and adjust the software without needing to change out any equipment.

If you’re looking for an ankle monitor that offers high-tech functions, is easy to use, impossible to detach, and durably made, the ReliAlert XC3 is what you need.

Get Started with the ReliAlert Ankle Monitor

Hopefully, this guide answered all of you your questions about, “how do ankle monitors work?”

Ankle monitors are great solutions for keeping tabs on offenders who do not have to serve jail or prison time. However, many ankle monitors on the market do not deliver the functions and durability you need.

The ReliAlert is the most high-tech electronic GPS ankle monitor. We work with courthouses, parole officers, corrections facilities, and bond agents to streamline the tracking process. Become a partner with Kapa Technologies today to get started with the ReliAlert ankle monitor.  

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