Long Term Benefits of GPS Monitoring in Probation

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Did you know that prisons are filling up fast? According to The World Prison Brief, the United States prisons rank 119 on occupancy and have reached 99.8% occupancy. By decreasing the number of people who are incarcerated it can help alleviate financial strain on the country as well as help health concerns.

It is necessary to find a long-term solution to help decrease how many people are incarcerated, but also preventing criminals from committing more crimes. 

Technology has allowed us an answer to this problem: Use probation when appropriate. The concern with probation is that the criminals run off and recommit crimes or will be on the run. 

Using GPS monitoring on defendants on probation will stop this problem. GPS monitoring has become advanced enough that this is nearly impossible to run off and hide. 

Continue reading to find out the long-term benefits of using GPS monitoring for defendants on probation. 

Why Should We Use GPS Monitoring?

GPS monitoring for probation will allow probation officers, bail bond agents, and detention centers to know where the defendant is at all times. There are several benefits to using GPS monitoring for probation which include:

  • Easy Communication
  • Frequent Accurate Tracking 

Easy Communication

The days of needing to go over to the defendant’s house every day at various times and ask around to make sure that they are where they said they would be are over with GPS monitoring. 

GPS ankle monitoring from KAPA Technology allows easy communication with defendants. KAPA’s monitoring system has built-in three-way calling so there is no more having to try to call the defendant’s home phone, cell phone, or work phone. Just simply call the device and you can easily communicate with the defendant. 

You can check on the defendant any time of day from any location. You will not be having to go through other people trying to find where the defendant is. Which can lead you running in circles trying to find them. 

Frequent Accurate Tracking 

If you have a defendant on the run you need to know where they are right away. You also need to know if they are at a location that they are not allowed to be. 

With KAPA Technology you can customize GPS tracking from your device and get an accurate location of the defendant at that exact time. If you need to change the time interval for tracking you can do it from your device without having to change out any equipment. 

Long-Term Benefits to GPS Monitoring

Jails and prisons are quickly becoming overcrowded and it is leading to more financial and health concerns. By using GPS monitoring it can reduce the number of people who are in prison which will alleviate some of the financial burdens that the cost to run and operate a prison.

Having an overcrowded prison puts the staff and the inmates at risk of some health problems. By having fewer inmates in prisons it can help with some health-related concerns. 

Financial Benefits

Running and operating a jail or prison can be expensive from paying to house inmates to feeding them it takes a lot of resources and money.

In order to keep up with the number of people who are being incarcerated more prisons and jails are going to need to be built. Building additional prisons and jails are going to cost taxpayers more money. 

With more criminals in prison, there is also a need for more staff to make sure everyone is safe. Inadequate staffing is a problem for many prisons. Inadequate staffed jails and prisons lead to violence and unsafe situations for other inmates and the officers.

Not only does GPS ankle monitoring help save jails and prisons money by housing fewer inmates it also benefits the defendant financially. GPS ankle monitoring allows defendants to be employed while either on probation or waiting for a court date. 

Having a job helps people on probation return to the workforce and make money and allows defendants that are waiting for trial not to miss work and lose their job if they go to court and are innocent.

GPS monitoring will financially benefit the defendant, justice systems, and taxpayers long term.  

Health Benefits 

When COVID-19 hit the United States it shook up the prison system. Unfortunately, diseases spread quickly in prisons due to being in a close environment. You can not stop people from being exposed to diseases from entering prison wheater it is staff coming to and from work or new inmates coming in. 

Due to COVID-19, more prisons were rushing to try to find ways to decrease the number of inmates in prisons to keep everyone safe. Since COVID-19 there has been a 25% drop in inmates in jails. One of the main reasons for this is because they released some inmates early. 

GPS monitoring can help keep an eye on these early released inmates. GPS monitoring will also allow more defendants to go on probation instead of going to jail which can alleviate some overcrowding concerns.  

By using GPS monitoring it can alleviate some health scares and benefit the employees and defendants long term. 

Frequent Concerns

Some people are against house arrest and probation even with using GPS monitoring since they think that it puts criminals on the streets and that they can run off and commit more crimes easier. Luckily technology today is advanced enough to alleviate these concerns.  

Being able to cut off the device is not possible with KAPA Technology’s high-performance ankle monitors. Their devices use SecureCuff Technology which prevents defendants from being able to cut off the device and get rid of it. They are designed so that they cannot be broken either. Once they are on they are on to stay. 

GPS Monitoring is The Solution

With jails and prisons being overcrowded it places strain on taxpayers, employees, and defendants. The long-term benefits of having fewer people incarcerated allow for less financial strain and health concerns. 

GPS monitoring technology has come a long way and is making probation to be a more secure and safe option for people. Contact KAPA Technology to learn more about their high-tech GPS ankle monitoring systems. 

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