High-Quality GPS Ankle Monitors

Our flagship product is the ReliAlert™XC3 from on of our global leaders. It’s the most secure and reliable monitoring device that the company has had. It features pinpoint accuracy tracking. The product is also built like a tank with its durable material, jamming resistance, and battery performance.

The ReliAlert XC3™’s Advanced Capabilities

This product has a variety of high-tech features such as:


Three-way Voice Communication

You don’t have to spend time dialing a defendant or offender’s number to get in touch with them. The XC3 is equipped with an on-board communication device that agencies can use to check up on offenders and defendants at any time.

Accurate and Resilient GPS

Want regularly updated and precise tracking data? The XC3 also has a GPS sensor that’s accurate for up to 6.5 ft. under optimal conditions. It also has advanced anti-jamming capabilities. And when GPS technology isn’t available, it switches to cellular triangulation automatically to continue broadcasting location data.


Durable Battery and Build Quality

You don’t have to worry about this device breaking, either. Its battery can last 55 hours on a full charge and can do 500 charging cycles. Its SecureCuff™ technology also prevents offenders from cutting the device and throwing it away; detaching it improperly is next to impossible.

Complete Customizability

You can program some of the XC3’s features according to your needs. You may set reporting intervals to a minute or five minutes. Plus, you can adjust its monitoring level using the software. No equipment change needed.


Get High-Quality GPS Ankle Monitors Fast

Kapa Technologies, LLC supplies high-performance GPS ankle monitors to corrections facilities, bail bondsmen, courts, and parole officers. We source our products from a reputable company, a leading device manufacturer based in the USA. Our team delivers the products you need within the next business day without any shipping costs, so you get the devices you need as soon as possible.

Email us today for pricing information and ordering procedures.

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