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In the previous blog, we discussed the role of web hosting speed and performance and their impact on the success of your eCommerce site. However, that isn’t enough! You must also factor in the SEO-friendliness of web hosting. Wondering why it matters? Well, it is because only 0.63 percent of people go to the second page of Google search results. That clearly shows how crucial it is to optimize your website and rank on the first page. No doubt, you will have to invest in the professional SEO services. In addition to that, opting for SEO web hosting can boost your efforts and enable you to rank even higher. Read on to explore everything in detail!

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The Need of Investing in SEO Web Hosting

Are you wondering does the choice of your web hosting has an impact on SEO? The answer is a big ‘yes’! Your hosting provider can improve your SEO in several ways if they offer the following:

  • Maintain reliable and fast servers
  • Allow you to easily find SEO-friendly domain names
  • Offer SEO-friendly features
  • Host your website with SEO-boosting security features.

How to Select an SEO Web Hosting Provider?

1. Look for High Uptime Guarantee

When your server goes down, it becomes difficult for Google to crawl your site. So, the uptime guarantee of your web host must be your top priority. Are you wondering what uptime actually is? Well, it is the amount of time your website is online and readily accessible to the users. With a higher uptime, you can significantly lower the abandonment rate of your site and improve your rankings on the search results.

Look for hosts who can provide an uptime guarantee of at least 99.9 percent. It means you can expect just 1.44 minutes of downtime per day and 8.8 hours a year. That’s not bad at all!

2. Consider the Server Location

The location of the server decides how quickly your potential customers can access the content of your website. Whether you have selected a dedicated or shared hosting plan, your site is likely to reside on a physical server. So, make sure that the data center is located as close as possible. It can make your content available to visitors faster, thereby enhancing their experience and boosting your search engine rankings.

3. Security Options

Web security and SEO go hand in hand. So, when choosing a hosting provider, ensure that they offer security options like SSL encryption, automatic backup, and more. It can help you win the trust of your potential customers and stand out in the crowd.

4. Look for a Responsive Support Team 

If your site ever goes down, you must be able to fix it instantly. That’s why look for web hosting providers offering 24/7 support. Check the operating hours and the channels through which you can connect with the team.


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