The ABCS of GPS Monitoring: A Guide to House Arrest Ankle Bracelets

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Reducing incarceration rates can lead to a number of benefits while still keeping communities safe. In fact, a study of five states that reduced their prison populations by 14-25% found that there were no adverse effects to public safety.

The utilization of GPS monitoring has made decarceration a lot more feasible and easy for those involved. Let’s take a look at how house arrest ankle bracelets can be used, their costs, and their benefits.


The use of a GPS ankle bracelet creates an easy way to track the location of the arrestee. Officers can make sure the person remains at home except for preapproved activities. They can even monitor attendance at mandatory community service activities.

Plus, ankle bracelets make it easy for a probation officer or other monitor to know where the arrestee is, making check-ins a lot easier.

GPS monitoring is useful in a number of applications. It can be used to monitor client location in pretrial cases that mandate curfew or location restrictions. It is also useful for probationers to stay aware of their clients’ activities, while still keeping the public safe.

Ankle bracelets can also be used in house arrest and parole situations. They can keep individuals supervised, thereby reducing re-offense occurrences. It also makes it easier to streamline reentry and rehabilitation processes.

Finally, GPS ankle bracelets can also be integrated with other monitoring systems. Not only can these bracelets track location, but they can also make alcohol and mobile monitoring easier.


House arrest ankle bracelets offer a number of benefits for arrestees, their families, and law enforcement personnel. They can help lower the number of people incarcerated and detained by using community supervision plans instead.

Community supervision and house arrest allow for a more comfortable time for arrestees and their families. They can keep comforts such as internet and television access. Plus, they can still see family and friends. This is very important for maintaining good mental health.

New GPS monitoring systems also make the process of tracking individuals’ locations much easier. Officers don’t have to sort through raw location points and manually look through data for each person. 

New systems consolidate location data for individual visits into different categories (work, home, social, etc.). Having this summary information lets officers see typical location patterns. This makes it much easier to see when this behavior changes.

Ankle bracelet limits were much more restricted in the past. Newer technology makes location tracking much more accurate. This can be vital for monitoring sex and violent offenders, as well as those involved in domestic violence cases.


On top of all the other benefits of GPS monitoring, there are also cost savings to consider. Prisons are expensive to run so choosing a more cost-effective option can save a community plenty of money. 

Because it creates aggregate summaries of locations, officers don’t need to spend time sifting through data when they could be doing more effective work. This can help reduce the workload of a precinct and therefore cut overall costs. 

Switching from incarceration to community supervision also cuts the high cost of keeping individuals in prison. For example, arrestees pay for living costs and food, shifting these costs away from the rest of the system.

Arrestees in some jurisdictions have to pay for their own house arrest ankle bracelets. This is usually broken down into an initial deposit, followed by monthly payments. But with the possibility of maintaining a job and income, the cost may be worth it.

Relialert XC3 Ankle Monitor Specifics

It’s very important to choose dependable ankle bracelets for everyone involved. The Relialert XC3 ankle monitor uses SecureCuff, which has a hardened steel band and fiber optics. It is impossible to cut.

It is also extremely reliable with 6.5 feet accuracy. If the wearer is in a location without GPS tracking capability, the monitor will switch to using cellular triangulation. This makes staying within and monitoring the ankle bracelet radius more accurate and efficient. 

This monitor also has three-way voice communication, making it easy to get in touch with the wearer. This will save time compared to systems that only have two-way communication.

Many other monitors have a battery life of only 12 hours. The Relialert monitor can last up to 55 hours before it needs to be charged. Plus, it can last for 500 charges. This makes it a lot easier for the wearer to use.

The monitor has anti-jamming technology to make it very resilient. It can also be customized completely. The officer can choose how often it reports. Plus, you can change the software without altering the equipment.

All of this makes the entire situation easier on both ends. A dependable ankle bracelet ensures that law enforcement will be able to keep track of the wearer and ensures that the wearer does not come under suspicion due to a malfunction that isn’t their fault. 

How to Start Using House Arrest Ankle Bracelets

House arrest ankle bracelets may be a better choice as opposed to a jail sentence. If you are interested in house arrest, you will need to make sure you meet certain conditions. For example, having only committed a non-violent crime is a common qualification.

You should discuss your options with your attorney to see if house arrest is a possibility and see what actions need to be taken. They can help make the case to the judge for why you should be allowed to get house arrest.

Sometimes, you can discuss your situation with the prosecutor instead. Your probation officer can write up a pre-sentence report about why house arrest is a worthwhile option.

Pursue GPS Monitoring and House Arrest Ankle Bracelets

House arrest ankle bracelets offer a number of benefits to their wearer and law enforcement workers. But, choosing a dependable bracelet that meets application and cost requirements is also important. 

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