The Pros and Cons of GPS Ankle Monitoring

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The Pros and Cons of GPS Ankle Monitoring

All a suspect needs is one good backdoor, and they’re gone.

A suspect that is awaiting sentencing or bail has a lot of free time on their hands. With the threat of a sentence, the chance they’ll run for it is higher.

The ensuing manhunt will be a headache that only delays proceedings. And it could put the lives of innocent civilians at risk.

Luckily, GPS monitoring is here. You can let your suspect rest in the comfort of their home. You’ll know where they are at all times.

Read on for the pros and cons of GPS ankle monitors.

What Is GPS Monitoring?

A GPS monitoring device uses the Global Positioning System. This is a network of satellites and receiving devices. Using these satellites, the receiving devices can pinpoint their position on the globe.

GPS has been around for decades. Nowadays, the technology is free to use. All you need is a GPS device, like a GPS monitoring ankle bracelet.

Sometimes, you can’t put a suspect in prison. But if you let them go home, there’s a chance they could run. GPS ankle monitoring is a happy medium.

This is a tested system that has existed for decades. It makes house arrest easy to do. And it’s affordable as well.

The Pros of GPS Ankle Monitoring

A GPS ankle monitor has a lot of benefits. Some of these may be surprising.

Know the Exact Position of the Suspect at All Times

GPS monitoring is highly accurate. It can tell you the position of a suspect within several meters of accuracy. 

Think of Google Maps on your phone. The dot that resembles your car knows which lane you’re in on the freeway. This same accuracy applies to a GPS monitoring ankle bracelet.

In some instances of house arrest, the court allows the suspect to leave. You can set up the monitor to alert you if they go anywhere they shouldn’t.

Conversely, the GPS monitor can let you know if the suspect has left the house. If the court does not allow them to leave, you need to know when they do ASAP.

If you get an ankle bracelet from a reliable company, you can expect that accuracy to increase.

The Suspect Cannot Remove the Device

You might be thinking, can’t they just remove the GPS monitoring ankle bracelet? The short answer is no.

Companies design GPS ankle monitoring to be difficult to remove. If the suspect succeeds in removing it, the device warns authorities. That means you’ll know the exact moment when they remove the device.

If necessary, the police can then set up a search area. It’s much easier to catch a convict when you know that they’ve left house arrest.

The Suspect Cannot Tamper With the Device

If the suspect knows they can’t remove the device, what if they tamper with it?

Like removing it, the device is tamper-proof. Even if they succeed in disabling it, that’s only a sign to check up on them. If the signal goes dark, officers can go to check on the suspect right away.

The Cons of GPS Ankle Monitoring

Nothing is without its weaknesses. GPS monitoring is an impressive technology, but it can’t do everything for you.

The GPS Ankle Monitor Can’t Tell You What the Suspect Is Doing

You can know where the suspect is with a high degree of accuracy. But if they’re doing something they shouldn’t, the GPS monitor can’t tell you.

For example, they get into their car and start driving. Maybe it seems like they’re going to the store. But the device won’t tell you if they packed their car and plan to run away.

It’s important to install other security measures if you’re worried that your suspect will flee. Cameras and microphones may be necessary in some situations.

A GPS Monitoring Device Is Less Accurate Away From Civilization

GPS accuracy is great, but it gets worse when there are fewer satellites. Satellites concentrate their signals on city centers. The accuracy of a GPS monitor is very high downtown or in suburbs.

However, accuracy declines in the boondocks. Plus, the terrain affects GPS signals. Canyons and bodies of water will weaken the signal.

GPS monitoring is still a great tool in these situations. It can give you a rough estimate of the suspect’s location. Should they decide to disappear into the woods, you’ll know exactly where to start.

GPS Monitoring May Infringe on Suspect Liberty

There is an ethical consideration when using GPS ankle monitoring. Often the suspect has not received a conviction. Forcing them to wear a GPS monitoring ankle bracelet infringes on their freedom of free transport.

Further, this is an infringement of personal privacy. Suspects may feel concerned that this data about their habits can get leaked online.

Those who are involved with the case may not respect the suspect’s liberties. They may not understand the need to keep this information private. They may share this information with family members or friends.

It pays to consider the philosophical ramifications before using GPS ankle monitoring.

Use GPS Monitoring Today

GPS monitoring provides a wealth of benefits for those who need to track suspects. They’re accurate, tamper-proof, and easy to use. The technology has only a few weaknesses, and all of these can be supplemented with other technologies.

Get yourself the best GPS monitoring ankle bracelets that money can buy. You’ll fall in love with these devices, and never lose track of a suspect again.

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