What Are GPS Ankle Bracelets and Are They Effective?

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GPS ankle bracelets

When you do the crime, you have to do the time, but does it always have to be a harsh, harsh lesson? Some crimes do not warrant exorbitant amounts of time in jail. Did you know the criminal justice system incarcerates over 2 million people or one in every 10? 

GPS ankle bracelets serve as the right medium for those who got in trouble with the law to reform themselves. While there are restrictions, these bracelets offer greater freedom than the strict jailing system that leaves those sentenced in shackles physically and emotionally. 

What exactly are GPS bracelets, and how do they benefit ex-convicts? Keep reading to find out why they are effective. 

What Is a GPS Ankle Bracelet?

Ankle bracelets are electronic devices you wear over your feet at all times. They are tamper-resistant and ring anytime someone attempts to remove it.

Every bracelet allows authorities to know the whereabouts of a person within a 3,000-foot radius. If a person moves out of range, the monitoring agent will know right away. 

It also allows them to roam around freely in certain areas. Authorities will tell if a person attempts to travel outside “free” areas right away. GPS ankle bracelets differ from standard ankle bracelets because they have a Global Positioning System that accurately shows where a person is rather than providing estimates. 

It can also come in handy for those who want to incorporate monitoring into their mobile devices to make tracking easier. It is a more effective way to help reinforce restraining orders.

Why Would Someone Need a GPS Bracelet?

Law authorities use GPS ankle bracelets to keep those who are released from jail in check. There are many reasons why someone may need an ankle GPS bracelet. 

Law authorities often use these devices as a less strict “community control” effort. Most people who require ankle bracelets are under house arrest and require enhanced monitoring. 

Sometimes, there are other factors involved that make wearing these bracelets a must. GPS ankle bracelets allow authorities to check if a person is following community service guidelines they must follow or a curfew.

The tracking device allows authorities to make certain someone who has a suspended or revoked driver’s license follows the judgment and other restraints the court may find appropriate.  

If a person gets in trouble with the law and must repay the money they stole, for example, GPS ankle devices check to see if they are at the work location they must report to. They also verify the person goes nowhere else but home afterward.

Some people need GPS monitoring to ensure they do not fall back into bad habits, and the device may be used as more of an aid in these situations. This may be such a case for those who have an addiction to alcohol or drugs. 

Every sentenced person has a different reason they need a GPS ankle bracelet. There will be certain people who can work or travel around their community. Others must stay at home throughout the length of their sentence. 

Are GPS Bracelets Effective and Accurate?

GPS ankle bracelets are the next generation of ankle bracelets that allow more effective and accurate tracking. It is a secure and reliable monitoring device you can count on, allowing you to see where a person is at all times. 

How is the GPS device capable of doing this? The sensor in these devices offers regular updates like any other GPS device (such as mapping GPS apps people use). In the event data is offline, the device will switch over to cell phone triangulation. It offers continued location information with the help of broadcasting towers.

GPS ankle bracelets operate on powerful batteries. You can use them well over 50 hours on a full charge. The devices can do as much as 500 charging cycles. 

One major issue you will not have to worry about is offenders who will try to cut or toss the device to avoid tracking. The chances a person who wears this device can detach from it is not possible. 

Quality companies build GPS ankle bracelets with durable material, which makes it long-lasting. They also have excellent battery performance and resists jamming issues. The technology device allows you to have a better form of communication with the person using the device. 

GPS ankle devices have a seamless 3-way voice communication that makes contacting others easier. There is no need to waste time dialing or remember numbers. Both parties are better able to check up with one another when they need it at any time. 

You can treat GPS ankle devices like any other form of technology and customize settings to meet your personal needs. If you like reports several times a day or several times a week, you can set the intervals you want. Authorities can also personalize the level of monitoring they want with the software. 

Rehabilitate People in a Better Way With GPS Bracelets 

Of those 2 million incarcerated, how many people do you think deserve to be in jail for many years or a lifetime? 

The answer is complicated and ever-changing, as many also qualify for parole based on good behavior. Many people are released early, and those who fulfill their time and find it hard to transition to the real world.

GPS ankle bracelets serve as the perfect medium to help reform people who stayed in jail long-term. They are also a wonderful alternative to jail itself for those who need home arrest.

GPS ankle bracelets offer excellent guidance and tracking capability that help prevent repeat offenses. Contact us to have a more accurate way to track offenders at a great price. 

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