High-Quality GPS Monitoring Devices

Kapa Technologies, LLC provides top-of-the-line GPS monitoring devices with features that streamline your tracking operations. Our flagship product has 24-hour monitoring and comes with an intuitive mobile application. Make managing your parole, probation, or pre-trial programs faster and more efficient today.

Kapa Technologies, LLC is a GPS ankle monitoring device provider for law enforcement officials, court officials, bail bond agents, and more.

We understand how difficult it is to source trackers that provide consistently excellent performance, security, and ease-of-use. We’ve partnered with the top global leader in the industry, which designs and manufactures high-performance ankle monitors.


With all the pre-trial, probation, or parole programs you’re tracking, you’ll need a supplier that will provide devices quickly and efficiently. Our team can ship ankle monitors to you within the next business day, as long as your order is placed before 3 PM EST.

The Most Advanced and Secure Ankle Monitor

We currently offer the ReliAlert™XC3, our partner’s most secure and reliable ankle monitor yet, with 24/7 tracking and mobile application integration. The product has GPS accuracy of up to 6.5 feet and advanced jamming resistance. It also features SecureCuff™ technology, with a hardened steel band and tamper-proof fiber optics.


Who We Are

Kapa Technologies, LLC offers the latest in ankle monitor technology. We partner with probation officers, bail bondsmen, courts, and corrections facilities to provide them with top-of-the-line GPS trackers. We also offer fast shipping of our durable and efficient products at no cost to you.

Improve Your Tracking Capabilities with Kappa Technologies, LLC

Kapa Technologies, LLC is your partner in acquiring accurate and secure ankle monitors. Our partnership with Track Group allows us to provide you with high-quality trackers like the ReliAlert™XC3. We look forward to supplying all your offender and defendant tracking needs.

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