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Kapa Technologies, LLC provides high-tech ankle monitors that feature 24-hour tracking and intuitive mobile and desktop application. We also deliver our products at no cost to our clients.

Kapa Technologies is a supplier of ankle monitors to corrections facilities, parole officers, courts, and bail bond agents. We partner with the top global leader in the industry to provide high-performance trackers to our clients.

Introducing the ReliAlert XC3™

Our flagship product is the ReliAlert XC3™ from our supplier. It provides GPS accuracy of around 6.5 feet under optimal conditions. It’s resilient, too, as it features advanced anti-jamming technology and a 55-hour battery, and SecureCuff™ technology.

SecureCuff™ is a hardened steel band with advanced fiber optics, which makes it nearly impossible to cut through.

This device also allows for two to three-way voice communications so that officers can talk with their offenders easily and securely.

Expect nothing but excellent performance and durability from the ReliAlert XC3™.

Service Overview

We start with a consultation to learn our clients’ tracking and monitoring needs. We then suggest products that fit your preferences and budget. Once you agree to the solutions we propose, our team creates a contract for you to review. We ship the trackers at no cost to you after you sign off on our agreement.

Why Choose Kapa Technology, LLC

Top-Tier Products

We supply high-quality ankle monitors designed and manufactured by a global leader in the industry. Our products are known for their durability and innovative features like app integration and anti-tamper capabilities

No Shipping Cost

Clients only have to pay for the products we provide. We’ll take care of the delivery costs.

Fast Delivery

We know how difficult it is to get a new batch of ankle monitors to use for your next case. Our team can deliver the products you need on the next business day.

Get High-Quality Monitors Quickly

Kapa Technologies, LLC is your partner in getting high-quality ankle monitors from top-tier manufacturers. We work closely with each client to make sure they get the right tracking equipment that fits their needs and preferences. Our team also delivers fast for free to our clients.

Email us today to discuss your next order.

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