detention center
Detention Centers

How to Help a Loved One in an Detention Center

The United States has more prisoners than any other nation in the world. Over 2 million people are currently being held in jails across the country. It’s fairly common to have a loved one in prison, and it can deeply affect your life in many ways. You may be scared, ashamed, or even embarrassed by the situation. […]

Ankle Bracelets

The Pros and Cons of GPS Ankle Monitoring

All a suspect needs is one good backdoor, and they’re gone. A suspect that is awaiting sentencing or bail has a lot of free time on their hands. With the threat of a sentence, the chance they’ll run for it is higher. The ensuing manhunt will be a headache that only delays proceedings. And it could […]


Choosing the Best GPS Tracking Device Instead of Incarceration: A Guide

If you pay attention to politics, you’ve probably heard the term “over-incarceration.” This term suggests that the US imprisons too many people and must find alternative ways to prevent criminals from committing crimes.  Many states and municipalities have found alternatives to imprisoning people, especially first-time offenders. One of the most common solutions is using a […]

jail time

How Much Jail Time? Here Is a List of Prison Sentences

In the past few years, crime has been on the rise. This is especially true for violent crimes in major metropolitan areas, which saw a spike in 2020, to a rate not seen since the 90s. Everyone agrees that crimes are crimes, and all offenders should be punished. But not all crime is considered equal. […]

alternatives to jail

Alternatives to Jail: 5 Advantages to Home Confinement Over Jail

Each year, over 10 million Americans get arrested. While some do not get convicted, it still leaves a large number of people to pay retribution.  Fortunately, courts offer alternatives to jail for a number of crimes. If you need to pay for a crime with your time, then home confinement offers a better option than getting […]


What Is Probation and How Does It Work?

In 2019, there were over 2 million incarcerated individuals in the United States. Spread between federal institutions, state prisons, and jails, the United States has the highest population of prisoners in the world.  One of the ways in which to alleviate overcrowding in the American jail system is implementing probation as an incarceration alternative. Inmate […]

ankle monitor
Ankle Bracelets

7 Ankle Monitor FAQs

Serving time for a crime doesn’t necessarily mean incarceration. There are different ways for offenders to pay their debt to society and alleviate some of the issues in the criminal justice system.  In the United States, overcrowding in prisons is a problem that has led to violence, inadequate healthcare, reduced opportunities for reform, and limited visitation. […]

house arrest
Ankle Bracelets

What Is House Arrest and How Does It Work

House arrest sentences are on the rise since the pandemic began. It became clear that prisons were hotbeds for the virus to spread. The obvious solution was to give offenders ankle monitors instead of jail cells. House arrest offers the benefits of being more cost-effective than incarceration. It is also easier to put in place […]

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