detention centers

How Detention Centers Make Use of GPS Monitoring Devices

Detention centers have hit the headlines this year frequently. In part due to the President’s controversial zero-tolerance policy towards immigration. While alternatives to detention (ATDs) have been in use since around 2002, they’ve increased in popularity and widespread use. This has been compounded by the recent scandals around the separation of immigrant parents from their children.

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house arrest

You’re Under House Arrest: How GPS Monitoring Devices Work

GPS monitoring devices are more commonly known as ankle bracelets, ankle monitors, or ankle tags. These are used to monitor people and their locations while they await trial, or if they are on house arrest. Ankle bracelets are also used to monitor people on parole or probation.  Even though GPS monitoring devices have many criticisms

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GPS ankle bracelets

What Are GPS Ankle Bracelets and Are They Effective?

When you do the crime, you have to do the time, but does it always have to be a harsh, harsh lesson? Some crimes do not warrant exorbitant amounts of time in jail. Did you know the criminal justice system incarcerates over 2 million people or one in every 10?  GPS ankle bracelets serve as the

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GPS monitoring device

7 Reasons You Should Consider a GPS Monitoring Device Program

Soon after Christian Tyler was arrested for beating his girlfriend, he was released on bail. His girlfriend was released from the hospital just hours earlier and she moved in with her mother in a state of fear. By the end of the night, unfortunately, she would be dead.  While the above example is hypothetical, this could easily be a real-world case.

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Improve Your Tracking Capabilities with Kappa Technologies, LLC

Kapa Technologies, LLC is your partner in acquiring accurate and secure ankle monitors. Our partnership with Track Group allows us to provide you with high-quality trackers like the ReliAlert™XC3. We look forward to supplying all your offender and defendant tracking needs.

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